Client Testimonial

My wife Suzy and I closed on our new house March 26, 2014. We could not be more pleased with the purchase as it is the house and property that we had been hoping to find for quite sometime.
Everyday we are in our new place we are more and more grateful and appreciative with the purchase and selection of the property. With each new hour in everyday as we unpack it becomes clearer that we are indeed “HOME” and that this place is the place that is both “meant to be” and “the one” for us and our family. Not only are we pleased with the new property, but our sons love their new rooms and our little dog has just taken to the place as if it was made just for her.
As pleased as we are with the property really brings to remembrance the work that our agent Luis Rocafort put in to finding us this property. To me the words “Yeomen”  “Above and Beyond” come to mind. Oh and about “Unbelievably Patient” “Quintessential Professional” “Constantly Available” and “Tireless” Luis had to get tired, I would have. For that matter I did. Watching him patiently research  properties that fit our buying parameters and then availing himself to all the showings, as well as understanding when we realized that what we were looking at and what we had him looking out for wasn’t really what we wanted after all. I would have left us by the curb for another agent; but not Luis, he was kind and patient enough to take all his hard work and throw it out the window and start over again. I cannot begin to truly articulate just how excellent he did and does his job.
Besides coming into the most perfect house for us, there are a few other things that I have come into with this purchase. I have come into the following knowledge: I  never want to be a real estate agent (I’d thrown us to the curb) good real estate agents really earn their money and our worth every penny. Luis Rocafort is more than a good agent he’s great! I’d recommend him 1000 times over. If you need a real estate agent who will listen to your hearts desires and then go about to search out  the property that fulfills that, it’s him. You will not regret deciding to use him. I know now that he is my agent for life.
I wanted to write you and tell you of the excellent job Luis Rocafort did for us selling our home in Georgia.  We closed yesterday, finally, after 3 years on the market.  We had used 2 other agents prior to finding Luis.  They really did little to sell our home.  We were very disappointed and were about to give up.  However, along came "Superman"-Luis.  He took over the task with both hands and got it done.  We are very impressed.  I know the market there is challenging with the values down and sellers trying to max out their opportunity, along with the difficulty in obtaining proper financing.  Luis covered all aspects of these challenges with great professionalism and attention.  He has been our "Superman"...getting it done.  I just wanted you to know how good he really is, in our opinion.  He is in the top echelon of agents.  Kodos to him and to you for having his association.
He is the best.  Thanks for all of your help.
Gary & Debbie Anders
Adrian Alonso:

I am very happy with the attention and service I got from working with Luis Rocafort. He was there with me from the minute we started until the process was completely over. One of his most memorable qualities is that he makes sure that you know exactly what your getting into and that he wants to make sure that you will be completely satisfied with what you are doing. My family has used him to buy and sell homes and he does really well in both aspects. When it comes time to sell or buy again, I'm definitely coming back to him.

Fri, Jul 25, 2014


Suzy Treece:

Luis, was so upfront and accomodating. He was patient and responsive. What a gem to work with! I would highly recommend working with Luis for your next home.

Fri, Jul 25, 2014